Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hurricane Sandy is combining with another storm to become a much stronger “Frankenstorm.” For more info, click on the Storm Center tabs above.

While there’s real danger, some of the media have gone overboard with the hype. As one columnist put it, a Fox News meteorologist “went berserk,” saying “worst case scenario” three times, as well as “extensive, catastrophic damage”; “power outages that could last weeks for millions of people”; and “our mouths dropped at the latest tracking.”

Update: Kudos to Jim Vance, 40-year DC news anchor, for preaching it like it is:
"Lot of people are on the edge, or already over the edge, of being freaked out by this thing. There are ... good reasons to chill out and make the best of this:

"We ain't no punks up in here! We know bad weather. We dealt with Snowmaggedon, we handled the derecho, we survived Irene a few years back. Some of us remember Agnes, which was a mother of all storms. We're still here. We're still standing. As we will be after this one is a memory."
Getting back to the hype, here's a snarky version from The Weekly World News:

The Daily Beast titles these "Sandy's Deadly Path": huge waves,
wreckage, and (gasp) smiling women with umbrellas!
If all computer models play out and the moon is the right alignment with Venus and if President Obama is in Ohio, THEN a massive hurricane will flood all of New York City.

Mayor Bloomberg was quick to react, “We are banning all french fries, sodas and ice cream for the next week. We can’t evacuate fat people from Manhattan Island.”

They are calling this storm the Perfect-Perfect Storm or Double Perfect. Meteorologists across the Northeast are “giddy with excitement” because they will be on camera with their apocalyptic forecasts for the next five days.
“These kinds of armageddon-like storms are what I live for. I love when there’s a potential catastrophic event,” said a NYC meteorologist. ”My wife says I’m a lot ‘friskier’ during these storms.”

President Obama said, “I think we’ll have to postpone the election until January or whenever my poll numbers go up, whichever comes first.” Republicans are speculating at that President Obama has sent “hurricane drones” to create the monster storm. ...

Weekly World News has looked that computer models. Even though we can’t read these maps, we are giving predicting that there’s a 83% chance that the storm will hit New York City and a 100% chance that it will hit a building with the name “Trump” on it.

Al Franken Storm image courtesy of Fox News photo courtesy of Daily Beast pictures: AP Photo (3); Getty Images.