Saturday, February 15, 2014

ClusterFlake 2014

DisasterMan was in the South to witness "ClusterFlake" firsthand. In fairness to them:
  1. It wasn't the 2-3" of snow that was the problem. It was the ice that screwed up traffic.
  2. Significant snow is so rare there that it's not worth spending money on plows, sand trucks, and other things to prep for it.
  3. In Alabama, the forecasters really did get it wrong, saying it would fall farther south.
In Georgia, however, despite what the Governor claimed, the forecasters gave plenty of warning of where it would fall and how much. State and local officials just didn't listen. When the National Weather Service was saying to only travel in an emergency, why did they open the schools??

Anyway, it's easy to scoff at anyone farther south than you, but Japan has us all beat. You think you've got it rough? How about 50 feet of snow? Amazing pics here.