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Japanese tsunami videos

A road collapses, piece by piece, as floodwaters create a sinkhole underneath (3:39)
Station WMTW

A tornado tosses cars around like leaves in the wind (0:36)
WMV format

Mt. Saint Helens erupts in 1980: one side of the mountain collapses in a gigantic landslide (0:17)
Via Google Video

Videos of small fires quickly turning into "flashovers" -- that is, when everything in the room bursts into flame all at once. With temperatures commonly 1,000 degrees or more, even firefighters in full gear would have only about 5 seconds to get out in order to survive. This shows why it's important to GET OUT when there's a fire, even if it looks small at the moment.
  • A dried Christmas tree turns into a blowtorch in 5 seconds, and has the whole room burning in another 30 seconds. Via Citizen Corps

Emergency Exercise at National Airport, simulated plane crash