About DM

When trouble strikes, DisasterMan dons his spandex suit and cape, and flies (OK, walks) into action. That is, he volunteers on a wilderness search & rescue team; Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs); and for the Red Cross. He's also a SKYWARN storm spotter, teaches other volunteers, and has a degree in emergency management. DM's mild-mannered alter ego works as a consultant to various government agencies and nuclear plants.

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DisasterMan doesn't have any superpowers -- but then again, neither do Batman, Calendar Man, the Flaming Carrot, and Lethargic Lad, and they're all in comic books. (Besides, what good are superpowers if they're like Arm Fall-Off Boy's or Fatman: the Human Flying Saucer?)

Someone should make a comic book about DM's adventures. Otherwise, it'll seem like he's just some geek pretentiously referring to himself in the third person. (And that would be so unfair.) See, DM's image is very important to him. He has two copies of the book, "Does This Cape Make Me Look Fat?" (So... um... does it?)

DisasterMan's not the only superhero in the family. Meet the supernieces!